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  2. Did Allah Created all the people or he only created Muslims ?? If Allah approves the massacres of Islamic state and Islamic terrorism , in Tunisia,Paris ,Egypt,Mali, Lebanon he approves the crimes of Buku Haram,El Anssar Islam to kill,butcher ,behead poor,old and little children ,rape little girls and boy,kill 50 ,0000 Shia’t Muslim Iraqi soldiers.THEN WHO IS THE ALLAH OF THE WEAK,THE HELPLESS ,THE SICK,THE DISABLED THE AGED??? Where is the mercy? Or your Allah have no Mercy for his creation THE INFIDELS.?Your Allah can give SEDUCTIVE WHITE VIRGINS IN HIS PARADISE to the suicide bombers who kill innocent people .Your Allah gives these criminal rivers of honey ,milk and wine.He gives these murderers bed of ruby and emerald fruits of GIG,GRAPE AND DATE.You call the JEW ,monkeys and pigs ,,WHO CREATED THEM ? NOT YOUR ALLAH>

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